We have modern 3D simulation technology to help predict the outcome of your surgery.  The Vectra Imaging system takes photographs and creates a 3 dimensional model of your body or face in order to give you a visual representation of the expected outcome of your surgery.  These 3D simulations help in patient decision making, especially with regards to breast size and facial alterations.  During your consultation Dr van Rooyen will use the Vectra in order to provide you with a visual guideline of the outcome of your surgery.  Book a consultation with Dr van Rooyen to see your visual simulation of the surgery that you are interested in.


The Vectra system has multiple cameras which takes photographs from different angles.  Once it has collected all the necessary visual data, it compiles a 3D model.  Dr van Rooyen then tells the program what surgery he wants to perform; he can also adjust sizes of the affected areas in order to provide you with multiple options and outcomes. 

During your consult Dr van Rooyen will send you to one of the smaller rooms so that you may change into a gown.  He will then call you to another room where the Vectra is.  Here the Vectra will take the necessary photographs needed to compile the 3D model.  Once this process is complete you can go back to the changing room to change and rejoin Dr van Rooyen in his office where he will continue with the consultation and use the compiled simulation as an illustrative tool.




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NOTICE: We DO NOT give quotations telephonically or via e-mail.  For any quotations or prices the patient is required to consult with the doctor first, only thereafter will we be able to give the patient a quotation or estimate.  Thank you for your co-operation.